About Us

G&J Groups which headquarter in Guangzhou, provide technique facilities for all companies and enterprises, we have branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, America, Japan and Italy, and form a very strong global system in domestic and international purchase and selling.

Guangzhou Golden Join Science & Technology Development Ltd, a modern enterprise with abundant capital and powerful techniques, is one of the sub-companies under G&J Groups, specializing in imports and exports trade of mechanical, electrical and instrumental equipment as well as spare parts and fittings. The main fields of service involve industries like metallurgy, electric power, steel, petro chemistry, electron, petroleum exploitation, watercraft, construction, paper making, etc.

A series of high quality services will be provided for every customer before, during and after our sales activities, meeting varieties of requirements of our customers during the process of production. Detailed services involve type-fixing of equipment and components for technical renovation, supply of imported spare parts/consumables for production operation, and importation of new-type materials and differential components developed for scientific research projects.

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